Our Programs

Career Development

ZOP believes strongly in the training and education of Zanzibaris and has sponsored scholarships that includes the training of Zanzibar’s first Audiologist, and is continuing the with medical education to health personel in Zanzibar Dr Mwanana Kassim was financially supported through ZOP to gain her Diploma in Clinical Audiology at the University of Nairobi. She … Continue reading Career Development

Charity Distribution

The charity wing of ZOP now operates as both a distributor of donated charity items and in partnership with other NGOs around the archipelago. Charity donations are collected from many parts of the world including Oman, Dubai, the UK and Denmark, as well as locally in Zanzibar. The Pemban villages of Micheweni, Sebudawa, and Maziwa Ng’ombe … Continue reading Charity Distribution

Between The Islands Education Scholarship (BIES)

In collaboration with local NGO Saidia Zanzibar (http://www.saidiazanzibar.org/) ZOP helps support the ongoing education of children whose families were affected by the 2011 MV Spice Islander passenger ferry  disaster, after the boat sunk off the coast of Zanzibar on 10th September 2011. The ferry, which was carrying at least 800 people, was travelling along the Pemba Channel … Continue reading Between The Islands Education Scholarship (BIES)

In Good Memory

In Good Memory – a new account for ZOP to help people suffering disabilities ‘In Good Memory’ is an account specifically set up to help Zanzibaris who have suffered disability because of accidents. This was made possible by a generous donation from 500 Miles, (http://www.500miles.co.uk/) a Scottish NGO that has donated money to honour the … Continue reading In Good Memory

Helping People with Albinism

In June 2011 a kind donation of a shipping container of Factor 50 suncream by the UK’s Boots Chemist was made to the Jumuiya Ya Ma Albino Zanzibar (Association of People with Albinism). This inspired a partnership between ZOP and the Association, then in its infancy, to distribute the cream through its medical outreach programs. Through … Continue reading Helping People with Albinism

ZOP Community Water Supply

The policy for the tanks, which range from 2,000 to 5,000 litres, is to place them into areas of a minimum of 500 people. The units are donated to individual well owners on the condition that their water supply is already serving the community. They enhance efficiency and reduce the distances that villages have to … Continue reading ZOP Community Water Supply

School Health Monitoring

In May 2008, it was one of ZOP’s first collaborations with IMPACT, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that enabled the beginning of the School Health Monitoring Project. The training of each student health monitor means that they are then able to carry out assessments of … Continue reading School Health Monitoring

School for the Deaf

2012 will see Zanzibar’s School for the Deaf in Mchina Mwanzo, Stone Town, enter into its fifth year. The school first came about as a result of a Campaign for Hearing Loss Reduction carried out in April 2008, in collaboration with researchers from Oxford University. The study, which involved 200 children across Zanzibar, saw 40 … Continue reading School for the Deaf

Facilities Upgrading

the program looks into upgrading the Zanzibar facilities to overcome their challenges, to mention few of the upgrading done so far are: Chake Chake hospital Audiolody Unit was constructed in 2008, The Eye Theatre at Mnazi Mmoja hospital in 2009 The Audiology Block at Mnazi Mmoja in 201 solar power supply was installed at Fidel … Continue reading Facilities Upgrading

Early Childhood Health Monitoring Program

Early Childhood Health Monitoring Program [ECHMP] The program involve monitoring the children from age 0 (in pregnancy) to 5 years with objective of early diagnosis and treatment of chronic disabling disease. It covers 271 Shehia in Zanzibar and start to follow the pregnant ladies since the day she presented her pregnancy and advice her on … Continue reading Early Childhood Health Monitoring Program

Medical Camps

ZOP’s medical camps include Pemba Community Camps, Specialized Camps for Eye,ENT, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and General Surgery, and clinics at the houses of elderly A mutual understanding that remains in place today under the supervision of the current Director of Zanzibar’s main referral hospital Mnazi Mmoja, Dr Jamala Taib, was drawn up in 2006 … Continue reading Medical Camps

Primary Ear and Hearing Care

Primary Ear and Hearing Care [PEHC] This program look into raising awareness on the primary ear care including prevention of ear infection and deafness. It involve training, production of posters and brochures as well as television and radio programs to raise awareness. free screening and treatment is given to the community members found with disease … Continue reading Primary Ear and Hearing Care

Club Foot Management

ZOP in collaboration with Infant Club Foot Appeal of UK run a program on Club foot management in Zanzibar which includes transport and free medical treatment. PDF Button