In Good Memory

In Good Memory – a new account for ZOP to help people suffering disabilities

‘In Good Memory’ is an account specifically set up to help Zanzibaris who have suffered disability because of accidents. This was made possible by a generous donation from 500 Miles, ( a Scottish NGO that has donated money to honour the memory of the late Sabah “Chabby”, who passed away in July 2012 and was the beloved wife of ZOP Executive Secretary and co-founder, Dr Naufal Kassim.

ZOP would like to introduce you to its first recipient, Ali Juma Abdalla, aged 17, whose flourishing football career as Zanzibar’s Under 20s goalkeeper, was tragically cut short when he lost his left arm in a road accident on his way back to town from an away match.

ZOP, whose doctors and specialists are based at Zanzibar’s main referral hospital Mnazi Mmoja in Stone Town, came to know about Ali when colleagues rallied together to help to try to save the limb that was crushed by the vehicle when it overturned. The accident happened in the same week that ZOP received the funds from 500 Miles. This means that ZOP is now able to use some of this money to acquire a prosthetic arm for Ali, so that he is able to continue with his studies to become a plumber.

Why 500 Miles?

Scottish group The Proclaimers famous lyrics “I would walk 500 miles” are the inspiration for the name of this NGO – and is the aspirational goal for the amputees that 500 Miles will help. ZOP looks forward to keeping you up to date, not only with Ali’s progress, but with news about others who will benefit from this fund, in the name of being able to keep good memories alive.

As always, if you would like to contribute to this “life-changing” work in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.